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Friday 1 March 2024
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Anand Krishna Promotes Neo Spiritual Hypnotherapy

Jakarta – Anand Krishna’s energy for writing is never exhausted. One after another book comes out of his intelligent and creative mind. So, from year to year, the discerning people can get in touch with his love vibes flown through words written. Not only writes, he also conducts road shows and is engaged in book reviews held in Jakarta, Denpasar, Semarang and Bandung as to ensure his books catch and draw public’s attention towards the messages conveyed to create meditative and enlightened society of Indonesia.  The recent Neo Spiritual Hypnotherapy (NSH) is his 150th book published by Gramedia—a prominent Indonesian publishing company.

Review of the book was held on Sunday, May 20th 2012 at Gramedia Matraman book shop, Jakarta. Anand Krishna was the source person to talk about NSH. The two others present as reviewers were Arbania Fitriani, M. Psi and Dian Martin CHt. Prior to main event, Aiu Haryadi staged a hypnosis session where he succeeded in hypnotizing all attendant participants.

In his opening address Wandy S. Brata—Executive Director of PT. Gramedia Pustaka Utama—said Neo Spiritual Hypnotherapy is a breakthrough which can make us aware that we are never fully free from bondages incurred by external stimulus. Decisions we make are dependent on such factor. He gave an example, when visiting a phone counter we often decide to buy a mobile phone not based on our need but because the seller recommends it. According to Wandy, decision made out of this situation gives a clue that we actually have got hypnotized by phone seller.

“This book renders new understanding for us all to withdraw and keep ourselves at a distance. So, when it comes to making decision it’s not based on recommendation or external stimulus”, added Wandy.

NSH offers more profound comprehension on hypnosis  

The first speaker, Dian Martin CHt, a Neo-Linguistic Programming practitioner, confessed that the book gives a far deeper perspective about hypnosis than what has been understood by and large. In line with Wandy’s remarks, Dian said we may not let our mind be enslaved external stimulus of promises and hopes, but should have and maintain self-awareness.

He related about modus operandi of fraud phone calls or short message services (SMS) which is so rampant  lately, that many have been cheated out of money because of their hopes. He said, impostors are just using people’s hopes as tools to act out hypnosis.

Dian elaborated the five waking-states (awareness) of human being which are well described in the book. He came up with a conclusion that whether we admit or not hypnosis has massively seized people’s mind. He advocated meditation as the solution for anybody wishing to free themselves from the effect of hypnosis.

Be wise

Second speaker, Arbania Fitriani, M. Psi—psychologist and therapist, confirms Dian’s conclusion on mass hypnosis which has taken place in society. She brought up an example of parents who value their offspring’s capability by referring to mathematics. As parents, she said, we forget that each kid is unique and has inborn potential. We take no heed to the matters, for hypnosis has made us believe math as yardstick of children’s level of competence.

She shared a case of a mother wanting her three-year old child to be given hypnotherapy in order to be good at writing, reading and math. This, she said, is very dangerous since child’s brain is still going through development. We must be aware of the danger to avoid children from being victim of our decision. She agrees with Dian Martin that meditation is the way to make us alert and wise.

Danger of continuous repetition

Anand Krishna, Ph. D had a go to speak his views where he first stated that Neo Spiritual Hypnotherapy is based on his personal experience in dealing with the evil of mass hypnosis. Such evil may prey on and victimize anyone since it enters others’ sub-conscious mind without permission.

Human mind can be affected by intensive repetition. Exemplifying repetitive methods in advertisement industry, Anand explained, our mind may in the beginning refuse to pay attention to what are being advertized. But, in the course of time those things eventually take effect and we accept them at any cost owing to continuous reiteration.

Hitler’s secret to overpower lay on his art of manipulating people’s mind. Whenever he held public speech he had some of his comrade respond to certain remarks of his with acclaims. Crowds then just followed them through. Thus, by giving applauses they unconsciously affirmed what he had said.  Whether we like Hitler or not and Irrespective of the ideal he conceived, he was successful in hypnotizing the masses.

Anand added that the book also provides meditation exercise to help readers rid of the effect of mass hypnosis, create and keep a distance from everything. The distance will enable us to think deep and make right or self-conscious decisions. And, man with such quality is called free being.

Moderated by David Ezsar Purba, participants were enthusiastic and taking turn to pose questions to speakers. Next NSH book review to be continued on May 26th 2012, at Gramedia Merdeka book shop, Bandung.

Reporter: Su Rahman, Photographer: Prabu Dennaga, Translator: Dominggus Koro