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Friday 1 March 2024
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Be Cheerful and Healthy with One Earth Nutrition Education, April 22nd 2012

Yogyakarta – Cheerfulness is not only a laughter of hearing or seeing something funny, it is indeed the very source of the laughter itself. Cheerfulness makes us bold and brave to face all challenges of life. A small child is not only cheerful, he/she is also innocent, care-free and not pretentious. He/she is contented of being himself/herself.

Such an atmosphere of cheerfulness, innocence and care-freeness is what we can find and see at the occasion of One Earth Nutrition Education held on Sundays at Taman Pintar from 9.30 in the morning to 12.00 midday. There, children meet each other at the same place that facilitates their growth.

Not only cheerful songs and games, they are also given educative information on a healthy lifestyle by maintaining the quality of food consumed on daily basis. Many of the children who initially liked to eat candies. Now they have come to a very innocent realization that “too much amount of candies makes them have toothache”, said one of them.

There have been also some of them who have started to like eating vegetables after getting the education on nutrition from this very educative program. Such kind of independent awareness from the children about nutrition is the one that is expected by the parents, who are also the participants of the parenting program.

After several meetings, it has turned out that many of the parents have similar problems of their children not interested in consuming food or their children being reluctant to eat, etc.

Then, in this very occasion, all of the questions were answered. They came to know that their eating habit is imitated by their children. By starting from themselves to have a healthy eating habit, they can facilitate their children with the very important and basic education about the same healthy eating habit.

(Reporter: Ardi Prasiswanto, Photographer: Erwin Thomas, Translator: Rahmad Darmawan)