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Anand Krishna 

“(Anand) of Indonesia is a man of God destined to play an important role in building a world, which is free from malice, hatred and turmoil.”

Prof. Haji Fida Mohammad Khan Hassnain,

Previously Director of Archives, Archaeology, Research and Museums; and State Editor, Gazetteers if India, Kashmir


Proud of his Sindhi-Indian ancestry rooted in the Glorious Sindhu Civilization and Culture, also referred to as Shintu, Hindu, Indus, and Hindia – of which Nusantara or the Indonesian Archipelago has been a part since ancient times – Anand Krishna was born in Solo (Central Java), which, as predicted by the Śukā Nādi (thousands of years old oracle), is his Karma Bhumi, his workfield.

Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the first President of India remarked upon seeing the child Krishna, “This is not ordinary boy”. The prediction has come true. Standing high as the legendary Mount Meru, Anand Krishna wavers not an inch from his course of action, inspite of all kinds of trials and turbulences.

Beside the mother Organization, Anand Ashram Foundation (affiliated with UN), Anand Krishna has inspired several other social and educational institutions.

The 4th President of Indonesia, KH Abdurrahman Wahid recognized his contributions and said,

When we see all the conflicts around us, we cannot but appreciate Anand’s view that we should understand each other better. Call it tolerance or appreciation, we must, indeed,  develop this kind of understanding. If we want to have peace, then we must hear what  Anand Krishna is saying.” 

He has a legacy of 200+ books to date with millions of copies sold in the past 27 years. He has appeared on all major national television shows and print as well as online media both in Indonesia and overseas.

People of all faiths attending his talks is a running commentary to his vision “One Earth, One     Sky,   One     Humankind” – his  interpretation  of  an   age   old  Sanskrit Maxim, “Vasudaiva Kutumbakam”, this entire world is but one big family.

“Although we had so little time to talk… I remember our meeting so well. This is because of the special mesmerizing quality you have,  

which comes from your heart. We are Asians, so you will know   that I am speaking of a resonance that is particularly Asian.” 

Margaret Chan, Asst. Professor: Theater/Performance Studies School  Social Sciences, Singapore Management University


From Industrialist to Spiritual Humanist

Working while studying, Anand Krishna earned his Master’s degree from a reputed university and was at the top of his career as Director and Shareholder of a Garment Factory in Indonesia, when he fell ill. Medical diagnosis showed acute Leukemia. Thus, in 1991, at age 35, Anand faced certain death.

After months of suffering, a mysterious meeting with a Tibetan Lama in the Himalayas, and a miraculous recovery from his illness, Anand decided to devote his life to sharing his joy, peace, love and healing.

In the last 34 years, Anand has spoken to millions through television shows, radio talks, in-house trainings, books, newspaper interviews and articles, as well as meetings and workshops held at Anand Ashram (affiliated with United Nations), One Earth Retreat Center for Meditation and Holistic Health, and Anand Krishna Centers for Self Empowerment & Wellbeing – the five centers established by him in the Indonesian Capital of Jakarta, the suburban city of Bogor, the palatial ancient city of Yogyakarta, and two at Kuta and Ubud on the beautiful isle of Bali.

Anand has appeared on all major National Medias, several Regional and International Medias – both Print and Electronic. He has regular column in one of the Major National Print Medias, and contribute to 3 monthly journals.

“Anand has no theological or historical burden to appreciate   all great religions of the world. He comes from the source of all wisdom.”

Prof. Dr. Komaruddin Hidayat,  

Rector: The State Islamic University Syarif Hidayatullah


Anand Krishna Shares  

His Healing and Meditations

“His love brings about awareness, enlightenment, happiness, and peace.” 
Ayu Dyah Pasha

Film/Television Artist   

“Don’t run away – face the challenges of life with a smile on your lips. We tend to forget that we are one hundred percent responsible for whatever happens to us. We create our problems, so we have to face them… solve them ourselves” – Anand Krishna 

Ananda’s  Neo  Self  Empowerment  Programmes  for  Holistic  Health,  Healing  and Wellbeing are inspired by Anand Krishna’s own miraculous healing from leukemia. These programmes are based on the Yogic/Vedantic Principles originating from the great Sindhu- Sarasvati Civilisation and offered in a spirit of Oneness beyond apparent differences.



Nina Risman, Teacher – Tangerang, Indonesia 

I was diagnosed with cancer twice. The first was thyroid cancer. The second one was on 2008, ovarium cancer. When I was diagnosed with cancer, I was so much terrified. For 1 year, I feel so hopeless and cannot do anything. But then I joined meditation class at Anand Ashram and tried to practice the Ananda’s Neo Self Empowerment meditation everyday! And it works! I get its wonderful benefit and I am declared cancer-free! I invite all of you, not only cancer patients  but  everybody  who  have  stress-related  problems,  to  join  Ananda’s  Neo  Self Empowerment programmes at Anand Ashram! Because it’s really beneficial!


Marilyn Salas, Healer/Social Worker – USA 

Years back around the time I met Krishna, I remembered reading in one of the books that a great spiritual leader will emerge out of Indonesia! Then one day I met Krishna, and I knew it was him!


Jackie Rourke – Canada 

Anandam. I have thoroughly enjoyed my stay here at Anand Ashram Ubud. You all have taught me so much and I knew these lessons will benefit   me throughout my life. I have learned to clear some space in my mind and put the challenges of life in perspective. My two weeks here have given me a far more in-depth understanding of meditation, yoga, and their power. I thank all for their warm welcome, generous spirit and insightful guidance. I thank Guruji Anand Krishna for his vision to establish this ashram and this program. I wish you all continued success and joy!


Oce Priatna, Professional – Bekasi, Indonesia 

I was a drug addict for almost 4 years and I was struggling to free myself! It was my brother who introduced me to Anand Ashram. I joined the meditation class and it was amazing! All of the drug addiction problems, all of the pain because of withdrawal and all my craving for such drugs, just disappear naturally! I’m drug free now!


Ananya Gupta – India 

My week here at Anand Ashram Ubud was a beautiful one. One of the best and most memorable periods of self reflection and development. I experienced the power of intent and clarity through meditation like I have never done before. Although I am Indian and very familiar with the practice and Hindu philosophy, the practice of it in this ashram has an eternal quality that touches the soul and cleanses the spirit. I will definitely be back soon and will be implementing the techniques I learnt here in my daily life. Om Shanti Shanti Shanti.


Dyah Retnowati, Architect – Jakarta, Indonesia 

It is a blessing that I have opportunity to join meditation at Anand Ashram. Several years back,  I  was  diagnosed  with  tumors.  Since  then,  I  was  haunted  by  fears,  anxieties  and helplessness. It was then, I came across Guruji Anand Krishna’s books and I decided to join meditation class at Anand Ashram. The programme really helps me to free myself from excessive fears and anxieties. Later when I checked myself to doctor, I was declared tumor- free! I hope many more people can benefitted from these programmes!


Darya Logvinova – Russia 

I feel a deep sense of gratitude to the Anand Ashram and to the entire Ashram community. Thank you for those changes in my attitude and state of health. I leave with easy heart and you will forever remain in my memory. I hope someday to return Peace to you and love.


Haewon, South Korea 

It was inspiring, amazing, and life-changing experience here in Ashram. I learn a lot of my self  and  also  about  the  environment/world.  My  perspective  changed  of  my  life  and compassion. Thank you for the time that we shared with. Thank you for the bliss that I felt. Without this time in Ashram, I will never figure it out until i face death. I will keep practice, I will share my joy with others, I will do what I can do in my field. Be blessed! Peace peace peace…


Miguel Ruddock, Engineer – USA 

I was able to tap into my intuition and learn to trust myself more. I feel like I can arm myself a little more  each day  in dealing with the stresses that come.


Svenja – Germany 

What should I say… It simply changed my life. The routine, the holy place itself and of-course the people. The Guru is such an inspiring person and besides this he is surrounded with all this amazing people. It was magical!


Iwan Susanto, Entrepreneur – Yogyakarta, Indonesia 

My business went well and I was happy. I thought I have everything I need but suddenly I could not sleep for days. After I went to neurologist and psychiatrist, I was diagnosed with insomnia. After I read Guruji Anand Krishna’s book, I decided to join the meditation class at Anand Ashram. For about 3 months, I practiced meditation to free myself from sedatives… and I’m succeed! Thank You, God! Thank you, Guruji Anand Krishna! I am healed, I am reborned as a new me!


Shannon – USA 

My experience at Anand Ashram was amazing. The place & serenity that i felt was exactly what i needed to assist me in my personal journey to inner peace & wellness. My heart is filled with gratitude for the staff and the Guru Anand Krishna.


Dozan, Entrepreneur – Jakarta, Indonesia 

I started smoking since 14 years old, I was on my 8th grade back then. I used to consume 3 packs of cigarettes everyday. But after I joined the class and practiced Ananda’s Neo Self Empowerment meditation, amazingly it only took about 3-4 weeks for me to quit smoking totally!




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