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Friday 1 March 2024
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Friday Meditation Workshop `Life Workbook, Guidance for Daily Life for Spiritual Seeker`

Ciawi – One Earth One Sky One Humankind meditation center is one of a number of centers established by Anand Krishna for spiritual seekers in order to enable them go deeper on their journey within. Every Friday at 07:00 P.M. there is a meditation workshop which is advantageous for the meditation participants for the application of mindfulness resulted from the exercises in their daily lives.


There have been many varieties of workshop done during the program of Friday Meditation workshop, one of them was a workshop about giving presentation. It offered the tutorial on how to give a good and correct presentation.  There was also a workshop on health which explained the importance of a healthy life style by choosing the right diet. There were numerous tips and there was a lot of information given in every workshop which will come handy for those spiritual seekers ‘daily lives.

The discussion of Life Workbook flowed smoothly. The participants shared their comprehension about Life Workbook.  It can be concluded that Life Workbook is not just a common book. On the contrary, it is a guidebook for a conscious daily life. This book provides the necessary guidance for meditators to assist them to live meditatively, to always keep their consciousness.

This 303 pages book offers solutions to the problems encountered on the journey within namely:

Overcoming lack of confidence
Overcoming  habitual lying and dishonesty
Overcoming anger
Overcoming ignorance and indifference
Overcoming the habit of procrastinating.
Overcoming social relationship issues
Overcoming laziness
And many others

All participants were invited to contemplate and to perform introspections to themselves, to look for their shortcomings and find the solutions. The workshop participants of Life Workbook review came home with a new understanding that whatever obstacle they discover in themselves can be overcome by strong will and by always listen to the words of the wise.

Thanks to Anand Krishna who has given these extraordinary gifts that can be taken and practiced in daily life, Life Workbook is not just a common book but a guidebook for spiritual seekers to overcome the obstacles on his journey.

(Life Workbook – Anand Krishna – PT. Gramedia Pustaka Utama)

(Reporter: Su Rahman, Translator: Sylvia Antaresa)