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Healthy and Joyful with Nutrition Education of One Earth and Sari Husada

Yogyakarta – Sometimes we forget about our joy when doing everyday activities. And this influences the result of our performance very very much. Because when there is joy in every activity we do, what happens is that success, satisfaction, and happiness will materialize by themselves.  

This was seen in the event about Nutrition Education of One Earth – Sari Husada which was held again on Sunday, May 6th, 2012. Joyful children are not only healthy physically but also intellectually, mentally and emotionally. Joy becomes a noteworthy factor in understanding the importance of nutrition for their physical health. When the children are joyful, the transfer of knowledge about nutrition can happen naturally.


Play while learning, this concept is used by the team of teachers of the Nutrition Education of One Earth-Sari Husada’s World Class Citizen Children’s Party to deliver all the materials. And playing here does not mean just watching the children playing and keeping an eye on them but getting involved in that certain game totally so that the teacher and the children can  meet in joy. It’s evident in each meeting, when at the beginning the children were either shy or fearful or they were playing on their own, later they became interested in joining in the activities of Children’s Party. Because it’s there they find joy.

What’s slightly different from the children’s part is the presentation of the materials about Nutrition Literacy in the parenting department. It was given by using the slides without disregarding the joy and fun elements. At the end of each session, just before starting the question and answer session the participants were taught a technique to empower themselves, a technique which was invented and developed by Mr. Anand Krishna.

Its goal is to bring back the joy. So when they finally arrived at the question and answer session, many of them admitted that the exercises given in this program help them maintain their health especially their emotional health. For example, somebody who was jumpy when she/he had to deal with their children has now become calmer.

Reporter: Ardi Prasiswanto, Photographer: Dika Pati, Translator: Sylvia Antaresa