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Wednesday 22 September 2021
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IHS 2012, Talk Show on Hypnosis Crime, Rumors and Facts, The Wise Manners To Address it

Jakarta – Saturday April 28th, 2012 Indonesia Hypnosis Summit 2012 (IHS: 2012) took place at the Oasis Amir Hotel. And the event was attended by approximately 100 practitioners and experts on hypnosis.

Anand Krishna Became a Speaker at Hypnosis Crime Talk Show, Rumors & Facts, The Wise Manners to Address it (HIS 2012)

One of the attendants was Mr. Anand Krishna, who is a spiritual activist and prolific author of more than 150 books. Coincidentally he just published a book titled Neo Spiritual Hypnotherapy – Seni Pemusatan Diri Untuk Bebas dari Pengaruh Hipnosis Massal (Neo Spiritual Hypnotherapy – The Art of Self Centering to Free Ourselves from the Influence of Mass Hypnosis), with PT. Gramedia Pustaka Utama as the publisher.

After the ceremonial class session – the class was opened for whoever was interested. Anand Krishna filled two sessions in this event on of them was a talk show on The Hypnosis Crime, Rumor and Facts, The Wise Manner to Address it. This talk show also presented hypnosis practitioners Nuryanto A. Dhipuro – Romo Dewa – Saiful Anam – Ahmad Masruri.

Hypnosis Is A Tool

It’s agreed that hypnosis is a tool that can be used either for good or evil purposes, it can be used to help people in need or to harm people instead. It’s like a knife that can help somebody do the work in the kitchen or on the operating table, or alternatively it can also be used to harm people even kill them.

Together with Anand Krishna this event also presented a number of hypnosis practitioners Nuryanto A. Dhipuro – Romo Dewa – Saiful Anam – Ahmad Masruri

Awareness of their skill is necessary for hypnosis practitioners for the knowledge should be used for the good of all, so that they do not abuse their knowledge.

Regulations Having a Legal Power are Needed.

In agreement with Indonesia’s Minister of Health’s statement during the ceremony that there should be regulations for these hypnosis practitioners, so when they mishandle a patient they can be penalized, so that there is no abuse of knowledge for the application of hypnosis, resembling those applied to the doctors, in order to minimalize the occurrence of malpractice which would harm people.

Hypnosis itself can be used by anyone, and can be practiced to anyone. Hypnosis can be used for people who do not want to get hypnotized for a particular purpose, ranging from criminal intention of taking away somebody’s property to false memory planting, as said by Elizabeth Loftus, a researcher. In her research she states that “We can easily change a memory, including the detail of the memories that we experience. And we can also easily implant a memory that is completely false.

Awareness Is the Most Powerful Solution to Overcome Hypnosis Crime

You always have to be careful not to get carried away by the gentle persuasions and sweet words spoken by a hypnosis criminal, as the first step to committing hypnosis crime, for your very presence is the most powerful way to overcome hypnosis crime.

(Reporter: Su Rahman, Photographer: Prabu Dennaga, Translator: Sylvia Antaresa)