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Wednesday 22 September 2021
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In Memory of Nelson Mandela – an Ahimsa Warrior

Transcending the border of South Africa, the whole world is mourning in the the loss of a global icon of modern Ahimsa (Non-Violent) Warrior, Nelson Mandela, who is just passing away this morning (6/12). Along with Martin Luther King, Jr., he has become one of the leaders of Global Ahimsa Movement, initiated by Mahatma “The Great Soul” Gandhi in the beginning of last century in South Africa.

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In memory of his life, Anand Ashram Foundation (affiliated with UN/DPI) along with National Integration Movement (NIM), Islamic Movement for Non-Violence (IMN), Centre for Vedic and Dharmic Studies, Indonesian Women’s Association for Global Peace (IWAG-P), and One Earth Integral Education Foundation, will hold a Peace Prayer in An Evening of Meditation for InnerPEACE – Interfaith Family Gatherings in 3 (three) cities: One Earth Ciawi, Jogjakarta and Bali. Public is invited to this event, specially dedicated to Nelson Mandela and his great struggle for peace, equality and humanity in non-violent way.

“His footprints of struggle have inspired a lot of people, not only the people of South Africa Nation, but also people of the world. His struggle pleaded for equalty and humanity in a non-violent or ahimsa way has transcended the boundries, faith and politics. He has become the universal ideal model for the people of the world,” said Dr Sayoga, chairman of Anand Ashram Foundation.

Meanwhile, Maya Safira Muchtar from of Movement for Non-Violence (IMN) highlighted the great inspiration of Nelson Mandela when fighting against his politics opponents in non-violence as his ultimate weapon but proven to be effectively used in modern times.

She mentioned, “Nelson Mandela has inspired a lot of people in the world to fight for his cause against the power of oppresion with non-violence as an effective but humane weapon to overthrow Apartheid in South Africa. He is obviously a great leader with tremendous vision and a proof of modern ahimsa warrior.”

The Nelson Mandela’s struggle of Ahimsa (Non-Violence) in fighting for Equality and Harmony is not only worthy to be remembered, but also emulated by the people of the world in facing the dynamics of life together toward One Earth One Sky One Humankind.

Contact Person : dr Sayoga (+8786 140 5077), Maya (+813 5339 200)

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