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Friday 1 March 2024
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One Earth School`s Nutrition Education, Sari Husada, 11 and 18 Maret 2012

Yogyakarta – Something unusual takes place at Taman Pintar every Sunday, especially at East PAUD Building that is often fully packed with parents and children at 9:30 A.M. to 12:00 noon.  There were One Earth’s Nutrition Education – Sari Husada programs on Sunday of 11 and 18 March. The parents and children who came to that place looked very enthusiastic.

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This program provides the participants with the knowledge about nutritional balance and also gives important tips about health in general. In the children’s section, the knowledge about nutrition and healthy food was given in a playful way. The children learned while they played. On the contrary, their parents were given a presentation and were taught some exercises which could help sustain the parents’ health in order to carry out the buy cialis viagra task of taking care of their children. These exercises make the presentation every Sunday unique because the exercises given differ every week.

The uniqueness also could be seen from the vests lent to the participants who joined the program, children and parents. This made the program, which lasted for an hour every session, much more alive. The facilitators also did not forget to wear vests that were different from the ones worn by the participants.

The participants acknowledged the many benefits they got whether it is related to their personal health or the positive change of their children’s behavior. “I sleep well, I don’t become tired easily and my child now likes to eat vegetables,” some parents who always come to this program weekly admitted.

Reporter: Ardi, Photographers: Michael, Dika Pati, Translator: Sylvia Antaresa