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Friday 1 March 2024
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Study Circle Semarang AKIC, Life Workbook `Work in accordance with Awareness`, March 7th, 2012

Semarang – Once in a perfect Wednesday, feels like a big spirit covering partners in Semarang to continue the last discussion about the book of LIFE WORKBOOK by Anand Krishna. For this week, Semarang AKIC talked about the next chapter, “Be diligent & Spirited Always”.

Study Circle moderated by Erwin Thomas, and presented by Teguh Haryanto. Based on the book, as Anand Krishna said, there are 4 things that should be done by human, such as Dharma or virtue, Artha or money matter, Kama or desire, which is the first 3 things of them are the goals in human life, but the final goal is Moksha or freedom.


One of explanation from Dharma in daily life is how we can save for main material, such as avoiding to importing wheat, where should be substituted with cassava flour. For all this time,we’re even importing salt and vegetables, whereas in our own country we need 40 liter of water to produce 1 liter of rice. It’s really spend out our natural resources. Why don’t we switch to some corns, cassavas, and tubers? By consuming rices once a day, we can save for water on this earth.

And then there’s a story of Mulla Nasarudin and his child and their skinny donkey. People always judge him, as when he drives the donkey while his child is walking, or when his child drives the donkey while Mulla is walking, or even when they both drive the donkey or they don’t.

Added by Prayit, we don’t have to always listening what people say, because whatever we do it always be something that people are talking about. And continued by Pranoto that good or bad, right or wrong, whatever we do people always talking. And then Mr. Triwidodo gave some addition about Kama, that we have to be careful with the attraction of energy from outside which takes us out of track.

After finishing the discussion, it’s continued by “Breathe Control with Abdominal Breathing”, facilitated by Erwin Thomas. By doing the exercise, we filled our inner space with oxygen so we can avoiding indigestion,and of course,it’s a holistic health care for our body and refreshing our mind.

That night, the meeting attended by publics and students, closed by thankful and peacefully feelings..

Thank You Anand Krishna for the viewpoints and exercises.. _/\_

Reporter: Danar Wijayanto, Translator: Cecillia Novi Pravitasari