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Friday 1 March 2024
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Study Circle Semarang AKIC March 21st, 2012 Book Discussion, `Balanced and Healthy Life in Sufi way`

Semarang – Last Wednesday, partners from Semarang AKIC discussed about holistic health from a viewpoint of sufi. Moderated by Erwin, the discussion was took from book of “Balanced and Healthy Life in Sufi way” by Anand Krishna. He presented some viewpoint or ‘recipes’ from Hazrat Inayat Khan, a big figure from sufi tradition.

There are so many fantastic contribution from sufi tradition to world culture. It doesn’t happen in only about ethics and moral of religious, but also in a specific way like health maintaining. This book discusses many important things such as abdominal breathing exercise. Life prana can not be separated with our physically and mentally sheet. We can not have body without breath, and can not think without breath either. Otherwise, we can not breath without body and thinking. Medical science accepted that 70% human diseases was caused by mind. High stresses causes some disharmony in our self.

Besides breath managing, we also need to support our life with healthy lifestyle. Talk about food, there are 3 kind of food. There are some food that’s relaxing our mind, such as uncooked too long vegetables, fruits, bread, beans, milk, but not in large numbers. Next, is food that makes us hyperactive, such as chicken, fish, cooked too long vegetables, onions, pickles, and milk, in large numbers. And then the last one, food that makes us restless, such as red meat, like beef, mutton, pork, tuna fish, etc. We need to keep it off as can as possible.

Hazrat Inayat Khan, a musician, poet, holistic health expert, and a sufi

In that book, we’ve been suggested to do fruits and vegetables diet all day long, at least one day a week. Hazrat Inayat Khan also suggested us to do fasting, so the energy of life can be spread to entire body. at least, we do vegetarian fasting. In sharing time, Prayit added that in fact the human digestion system is not for beefy food, because the human gut is as long as the herbivore animal, so if we eat meat too much it can decompose in our gut.

And then the meeting ended together with the abdominal breathing exercise. There are so many physically and emotionally benefits we can take from this abdominal breathing technique.

Thank You _/\_ 🙂

(Reporter: Danar Wijayanto, Translator: Cecillia Novi Pravitasari)