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Wednesday 29 November 2023
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Talk Show Neo Spiritual Hypnotherapy at Gramedia Pemuda Semarang on Wednesday May 16th 2012

Love will always spread the fragrance, a man who fall in love will always spread his fragrance, so all friends will come together. This is what happened on Talk Show with Bapak Kuriake Kharismawan and Bapak Anand Krishna from the book of Neo Spiritual Hypnotherapy at Gramedia Pemuda, Semarang.

Talk Show in Semarang was outstandingly success, attended by more than 150 people. By Gramedia Store Manager, Bapak Andreas, this is the most crowded talk show, since Gramedia book store was opened at Jalan Pemuda, almost 2 years ago.

This event was also attended by Willy Wong, a hypnotherapist and NLP expert, and the unexpected moment was, that Bapak Hans Kahija from UNDIP who gave his endorsement in the book of Neo Spiritual Hypnotherapy and was taking a doctoral program in England, was also attending this talk show and participated in question and answer session. Ibu Sudharmadi , an old friend of Bapak Anand Krishna, was also attending this talk show. It was very festive at that night.

Bapak Kuriake as a first speaker said, that we often not to aware being a victim of mass hypnosis. Awareness, doing something consciously and do it with all our hearts.

Bapak Anand Krishna defined that, CG Jung once said that Eastern was understanding psychology 2000 years earlier. Sometimes when we see what many people used, we are hypnotized to follow them, for example : advertisement.

This event was also colored by some exclaimed questions & answers. There was a friend from the faculty of philosophy UGM, there where some friends from Unika Soegijapranata, some friends from hypnotherapy lovers from Parakan, Temanggung, and then who questioned about how to release from mass hypnosis.

Bapak Anand Krishna said that, as long as we believe in our selves, believe in something inside our selves, and not depended on outside things, we are getting step by step beyond the mass hypnosis. Belief to our selves is also belief to God, stated by Hazrat Inayat Khan.

How can we know that we are right, and back to the truth in our selves? So what was asked by a questioner. Bapak Anand Krishna gave one simple standard. I have a right to be happy and so do other people, how to get my happiness without take off other people’s.

(Reporter: Adrian Kristanto, Photographer: Tunggul Setiawan, Translator: Novi Pravitasari)