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Sunday 17 January 2021
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Talk show of NEO Spiritual Hypnotherapy in Bandung, Saturday 26 May 2012

Bandung – Have you ever engaged in a talk show, where the room was packed with attendees? To the extent there is a need to sit on the floor, even standing at the entrance of the room. Coupled with the fact that almost all participants to stay focused until the end of the show?

If you have never experienced, the writer (as moderator) has experienced it and with other 50 – 60 participants of the talk show of “Neo Spiritual Hypnotherapy” with Mr. Anand Krishna, Ph.D., and Mrs. Fanny Anggriani, CMHA, CH, CI. Located on the second floor meeting room, Gramedia Merdeka Bandung, the event was held on Saturday, May 26, 2012 which was the collaboration of Anand Ashram Foundation and Gramedia Pustaka Utama Publisher and Gramedia Merdeka Bookstore Bandung.

Hypnotherapist should be wiser!

Mrs. Fanny Anggriani explained about her appreciation for the book entitled “Neo Spiritual Hypnotherapy” written by Mr. Anand Krishna. “This book made me rethink about the role of hypnosis, which in the book can be said to be God-like,” said Mrs. Fanny. Furthermore, she also stated that the content of this book is revolutionary because it took the benchmark of the Eastern World, which is “more humane in dealing with human beings” as she said. Giving a closing, Mrs. Fanny asked that the hypnotherapist can actually be wiser in doing their work and the “Clean your wounds before you clean the wounds of others”

Be careful! The human’s brain can be hacked!

That was the warning of Mr. Anand Krishna in his presentation. He gave an example of Hitler’s success of affecting so many people with mind manipulation techniques. “Advertising by using the model in the form of an idol, has been also successful to affect so many people.” There is also an example as we are easily tempted to shop with the words “Promo Sale! 70% discount “when actually we do not need those items.

“Greed in humans is something that can lead to so much trouble, when we are greedy, that’s when we are vulnerable to manipulation,” warned Mr. Anand Krishna for us all.

World Economic Recession = The Effect of Mass Hypnosis?

Wow! That is the impression gained by the author as moderator because of the extensive discussion in this talk show. Begun with a question from one of the critical participants about “positive thinking” and “success”, Mr. Anand Krishna gave the example of the booming of the book / movie The Secret.

In the book The Secret, it was taught to “Ask then you shall receive”. Then all the stories of material success would be associated with this technique. Mr. Anand Krishna conveyed an interesting fact from the video on youtube made by the BBC, when the motivator who taught techniques such as in “The Secret” was asked to show proof of one person’s success with these techniques, and none turned out to be successful!

The phenomenon of the Secret is similar to that of the Science of Getting Rich. In 1910, the book of the Science of Getting Rich became a best-seller and in 1930 the Great Depression happened in America. In 2006-2007, The Secret became endemic and we have seen also the Great Depression in 2008!

“Is this a conspiracy? According to economic law, when there is a loss, then of course there are those who profit? Who are the parties who take advantage? ”

Hypnoparenting = is it ethical or appropriate?

The speakers also discussed Hypnoparenting, which supposedly is a trend today. According to many, hypnoparenting could be the solution to form the child in favor of the parents. Wow? Is this true? is such wise?

Mrs. Fanny told of her experience as a practitioner, that “what we need to understand is that every child has the basic characters that cannot be changed. The hypnotherapist simply helps fix a few things like reducing laziness but not actually eliminating it. ”

Both Mrs. Fanny and Mr. Anand Krishna agreed that the purpose of education is to express the potential of children. Children are not robots programmed by their parents! Even the parents should be wise in recognizing the potential of children and help facilitate the expression of that potential.

His conclusion: “Hypnoparenting is unethical! Parents’ perceptions about education and ours all have to be changed! Children grow and develop according to their potential. ”

Neo Spiritual Hypnotherapy & Self Empowerment

There was also a participant who asked about the title of the book “NeoSpiritual Hypnotherapy”. What is trying to be delivered by Mr. Anand Krishna through the title of the book? What is the meaning of Neo?

Mr. Anand Krishna deftly answered that spirituality is the key to be free of mass hypnosis. Spirituality opens the door for dialogue, not a one-way communication. Spirituality empowers human beings through various exercises and their application in life. The word “Neo” actually means the application of spirituality that is to be constantly adapted from time to time.

Next Destination: Surabaya

Time really flew and we were at the end of the talk show which was at 17.00 pm. After the submission of the door prizes to the questioners and souvenirs to the speakers, there was another surprise. The Indonesia Community Sketchers made a sketch of the face of the moderator and speakers as a souvenir!

The Success of the event in Bandung has completed the success of similar events previously held in Bali, Semarang and Jakarta. But the story did not end here! There is still a sequel in Surabaya!

The book talk show of “NeoSpiritual Hypnotherapy” with Mr. ANAND KRISHNA and ADI W. GUNAWAN

Saturday, June 9, 2012, At 7:00 p.m. to 21:00 pm

Gramedia EXPO. 1st floor

Jl. Basuki Rachmat no. 92 -105 SURABAYA

Contact person / information:

Yuni – 08155038699

Sofyan – 081357376688


See you in Surabaya!

(Reporter: Aiu Haryadi, Photographer: Baloma, Translator: Rahmad Darmawan)