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Friday 1 March 2024
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Talkshow on the Art of Self Hypnosis to be Free from the Mass Hypnosis at Surabaya

RIMANEWS-On Saturday, June 9th, 2012 at 18:40 to 21:00 pm The first floor of Gramedia bookstore was packed with hundreds of visitors. They were listening to talk about mass hypnosis. This was an extraordinary event, since all pairs of hands were stretched out for consciousness.

Adi Wijaya Gunawan, a graduate of Berkeley University, who holds the international level certification of hypnotherapy, said that hypnosis is a critical state which is done through a command.

According to him, the book of Spiritual Neo Hypnotherapy written by Mr. Anand Krishna was extraordinary. First, the book is one of very few books available that can relate psychology with eastern wisdom. Second, this book is the result of a long experience of Anand Krishna on hypnotherapy for over 21 years, since Anand Ashram was founded in 1991.

Further he said that in the hypnotic state, even in a very deep one, people cannot be forced to do something against his will. He exemplified the deep state of hypnosis that even a woman could not be asked to remove his clothing. Why? Because in the unconscious layer of her mind, there are still ¬moral norms embedded.

That explanation was a relief to many friends who followed this talk. So now people can tell the difference between stage hypnosis which is mostly done on TV as pure entertainment and hypnotherapy as a psychological therapy.

In closing, Adi W. Gunawan also said that in the application principle of hypnotherapy we should not to do any harm. It means not to hurt anyone.

Later, Mr. Anand Krishna also elaborated further in his presentation. Apparently the condition of our daily lives is filled with hypnosis. The principle of repetition that occurs in the ads creates a certain hypnotic state.

Environmental Hypnosis is often the case that we unconsciously also be what the environment is trying to impose.

The Talk show was really amazing, my friends. We started 20 minutes earlier than it had been scheduled.

Talk show was also attended by the Head of Kesbanglinmas of East Java Province. The event was attended by no fewer than 250 people. The participants came from various places. They were from Blitar, Kediri, Yogyakarta, Solo, Semarang, Sulawesi, and Bulukumba.

The Talk show this time was then open for the QA session.

Interestingly, one of our friends who is Muslim, asked how the stories of the past that someone who loved his ulama or learned man, just by looking at his face alone, there happened a change in his life.

The answer from Adi W. Gunawan was also sweet saying that hypnosis could also occur under the conditions of turbulent emotions. Because when emotions are so intense the subconscious will open its gate. As a result, what we program will occur.

Another questioner asked how the other external conditions may influence what people decide to do. Because a tax practitioner said that what happened to Gaius and Tommy Hartono was because of pressure from outside.

Anand Krishna also revealed Rongowarsito’s wisdoms related to this matter. He said that in these crazy times, even the luckiest crazy people are still away less fortunate than people who are awake and alert.

By adhering to this wisdom, any external factors will not have much effect on us. “What is important,” said Mr. Anand, “is that we find that the source of happiness that lies within.” If we do not have a sense of incredible greed of money, then the coercion of any kind from outside has no effect.

Oh beloved friends, I’m out of words. The beauty of the talk show was beyond words. Apparently there is a sincere desire of residents of Surabaya to learn about Hypnotherapy.

The talk show was concluded by the movie promo of Soul Quest. It’s a really beautiful movie to be out soon that we can enjoy. Book signing session and photo session were then done followed by the closing ceremony.
(Reporter: Adrian Kristanto, Editor: Nugroho Angkasa, Photographer: Tunggul Setiawan, Translator: Rahmad Darmawan)

Source: http://www.rimanews.com/read/20120612/65652/talkshow-seni-pemusatan-diri-untuk-bebas-dari-hipnosis-massal-di-surabaya