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Monday 22 July 2019
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The Hanuman Factor Book Launching at a Confluence of the Most Enlightened Spiritual Masters of India

From Left to Right: Author, H.H. Sri Anand Krishna Ji, H.H.Swasthi Shree Bhattaraka Charukeerthi Pandithacharyavarya Swamiji, H.H.The Gyalwang Drukpa Ji, H.H.Sadhgurur Jaggi Vasudev Ji, H.H. Jagadguru Shri Shivarathri Deshikendra MahaswamiJi, H.H. Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji Maharaj, H.H. Sri Sankaracharyaji Maharaj, H.H. Dr. Lokesh Muni Ji, H.H. Swami Avdheshanand Giri Ji.

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New Delhi – Thursday, April 12th 2012  there has been held H.H. Sri Anand Krishna Ji’s book launching, “The Hanuman Factor: Life Lessons from the Most Successful Spiritual CEO” (The Indian Edition was published by Global Vision Press).

It was held during the GURU SANGAMAM Convention at Thyagaraj Sporting Complex Convention Hall, New Delhi, India. In the Presence of 100+ Gurus/Masters/Acharyas from All Major Lineages.

The Comitee from New Delhi introduced H.H Sri Anand Krishna Ji to the audiens at Guru Sangamam as below:

“Proud of his indian roots, Anand Krishna was born in Indonesia, which as predicted by the Shuka Nadi is his Karma Bhoomi. Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the first President of India, remarked upon seeing the child Krishna, “This is not ordinary boy.” The prediction has come true…Standing high as the legendary Mount Meru, Anand Krishna wavers not an inch from his course of action, inspite of all kinds of trials and turbulences. Beside the mother Organization, Anand Ashram Foundation (affiliated with UN), Anand Krishna has inspired several other social and educational institutions.

The 4th President of Indoneisa, KH Abdurrahman Wahid recognized his contributions and said, “If we want to have peace, then we must hear what Anand Krishna is saying.” He has a legacy of almost 150 books to date with more than 1 million copies sold in the past 20 cialis drugstore number one shop years. People of all faiths attending his talks is a running commentary to his vision “One Earth, One Sky, One Humankind.”

After that, Swami Chidananda Saraswati the General Secretary of Guru Sangamam explained the aim of this event,

“We have always believed in the famous Sanskrit words ‘Ekam sat, vipra bahuda vadanti’ which meant the truth is one but the sages and wise men call it and perceive it by various names. Therefore our mat [paths] can be different but our man [heart] has to be one. The beauty of Indian spirituality is that it makes a person so evolved that even though one goes through so many ups and downs in life, one never loses his or her inner strength and composure. It is through our traditions of sadhana [penance] and samarpan [surrender] that we can show the correct path to the world in today’s times.”

”Today our youth is getting shiksha [education] but they are not getting diksha[initiation], they are aiming to become bhavya [big and prosperous] but are not striving to become divya [divine].” According to Muni Ji, though the youth of today was getting connected to internet at the same time there was a need to connect to his inner net, that is his own self for evolution and self realization.

The Hanuman Factor

Shree Hanuman Chalisa shall bring us closer to the mystery and myth of life. It is the acceptance of life as it is. Here, doubts are no longer entertained. There is no attempt to demystify life, for the mysterious can never ever be demystified.

At the same time, however, Hanuman is also extolled as the most successful Spiritual Chief Executive Officer (CEO). One may ask, what is so mysterious about that? There is no dearth of successful CEOs in the world. And, spiritual beings are not scarce either. So, what is so special about Hanuman?

Let us explore together… with The HANUMAN Factor.

For further information about The Hanuman Factor book and the author H.H. Sri Anand Krishna Ji, please visit http://globalvisionpress.com/indetails.asp?id=31 and like http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Hanuman-Factor/278226182258562.

Sri Swami Sri Adhyatmananda Saraswati Maharaj of Sivananda Ashramam, Gujarat, at the launch of The Hanuman Factor, was presented with a copy of the book by Maya Safira Muchtar, Director of L’Ayurveda, Indonesia.

Some insightful moments during the launch of The Hanuman Factor.