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Saturday 14 December 2019
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Correlation among Breath, Heart Beat and a Rate of Brain

Semarang – A research find out that there are correlation among breath, heart beat, and the a rate of brain. Obviously, our heart beat is 3 times faster than our breath cycle, and the rate of brain is 3 times faster than human heart beat. This impulse of rate of brain indicates that there is a mind ¬†on human. That’s why when we get our minds messed up, then we get our breathing faster and so do our heart beat.

The 5th exercise of Ananda’s Neo Stress Management are Mind Culturing & Self Awareness Meditation, where the participants are invited to notice to inhale and exhale from nose. One of the profits from this exercise is that the participants can feel the relaxation, and for long-term profits is that the participants can’t be easily rocked by their own mind tricks. Due to this correlation between breath and mind, when we’re practicing diligently to notice our breathing, so we can also notice our mind tricks.

Before we do exercise of notice our breathing, we do exercise of loving our body first. All this time, we give a special attention to our body only when we’re sick. It’s really rare on us that give some special attention for our body when we’re in a good condition by saying thank you. The benefits of this exercise is giving a relaxation to our body and also the sanity, because in fact our body can record what we think at that time.

This exercise is given by Anand Krishna Information Center Semarang every Wednesday at 7 pm and it’s the one of 5 exercises in Ananda’s Neo Stress Management program. This exercise purposed to empower our selves if we feel some stress or some emotional condition that bothering our daily activities. For further information, call bro Erwin on 081325273180.

Reporter: Danar Wijayanto, Translator: Novi Pravitasari