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Tuesday 26 May 2020
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Speedy Relaxation and Breathing Technique

Solo – That evening, May the 4th 2012, at 7 p.m. after the rain had stopped; Anand Krishna Center (AKIC) Solo had an occasion of opening the new class of Neo Self Empowerment Meditation, which was the first practice of speedy relaxation and the correct way of breathing.

As we get older, we tend to take a short route in breathing which is through the chest. Hence the more healthy way of breathing which is through the abdomen is in need to be practices again. When done correctly, then our stomach is filled with oxygen as we inhale and it gets emptied of the oxygen as we exhale. Doing such a way of breathing can actually help ourselves spread fresh energy throughout the whole part of the inside of our body and enable us to avoid many diseases and at the same time strengthen our immune system.

The occasion was opened by another discussion on Bapak Anand Krishna’s book entitled Cakrawala Sufi 2, Hidup Sehat dan Seimbang Cara Sufi. In this book, the Sufi Master Hazrat Inayat Khan invites us all to get ourselves back in harmony with nature. So far we have dealt with a lot of things, a lot of experiences, and it can lead our body becoming not in tune with the nature. There is one good example in the book of a mother caressing her child and able to get back the harmony in her child’s body. Our interaction with the universal energy also happens in a strictly similar way to the example given.

The practices of the Neo Self Empowerment Meditation help us get our body to be harmonious with each other again. At this point, in the occasion, it was the physical layer that was focused on. By stretching out our legs, hands, and face and then relaxing them back can actually get the stress in the body out, hence the harmony.

In the book, Hazrat Inayat Khan says about the same thing that we need to have our body move on the regular basis. He says that Movement is life and stillness is death: for the movement there is the significance of life and in stillness we see the sign of death.”

Thanks to the Ultimate Existence

Reporter: Adrian Kristanto, Translator: Rahmad Darmawan