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Friday 3 December 2021
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Mind Culturing Practice at AKIC Solo

Solo – The fifth Neo Ananda Stress Management Meditation on Mind Culturing practice was held at Anand Krishna Center Solo on Friday the 27th of April 2012 at 7 p.m. This particular meditation practice on mind culturing was started by the participants’ paying a graceful attention to all of parts of their body. Then it was the attention paid to the breathing in and out, just paying attention to the breathing process.

By paying attention to the breathing, it usually slows itself down. By paying attention to the breathing process, we can function ourselves as a watcher to our ever passing thoughts without necessarily judging them. By and by, the omnipresent peacefulness within reveals itself amidst the ever passing thoughts.

This particular meditation practice on mind culturing is really useful to get our body’s rhythm harmonized. As said by Hazrat Inayat Khan in the book of “Cakrawala Sufi 2” which was being discussed in the occasion that:
“Illness is an inharmony, either physical or mental inharmony, the one acts upon the other.”

The practice of the mind culturing that should be done daily for about 20 minutes can actually create peace in our mind, when we can actually be a watcher to our ever passing thoughts. When the gap between one thought with another gets wider, then the peace that we gain will be deeper. Then we will have more access to our intelligence. We will be more sensitive and more harmonious with our intuition that leads us to the appropriate and relevant decision making of ours when such is needed.

We need to be disciplined in practicing this meditation, since if we are able to do the practice for 21 days in a row, then our body will automatically record the practice. Then the recording or the memory of peace that we have gained from the practice will be accessible by us anytime we need it. When we need it, we can access the peace by breathing in and out.

Reporter: Adrian Kristanto, Translator: Rahmad Darmawan