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Monday 18 October 2021
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Open House Anand Krishna Center Joglosemar

Yogyakarta – For this time, Open House was held in Anand Krishna Center Joglosemar Yogyakarta, Perum Dayu Permai P-18, Jl. Kaliurang km 8.5, Ngaglik, Sleman, Yogyakarta.

Started at 7 pm, we had the lights out. In the middle of a silent night where every single eye was closed, we heard the opening song…
“Selamat Datang Cinta
                Selamat Datang Kasih……..”
And at the same time, we felt the presence of a great love. Spoken from the deepest soul…selamat datang cinta..selamat  datang kasih…Something that we’ve been waiting for so long. That was something to say from this song, that it is the time for us to experience and feel the true love.
The Open House was presented for people who wants to taste meditation and yoga designed by Anand Krishna, a spiritual activist and productive author for more than 150 books. These meditation exercises was specially designed by Anand Krishna for modern humans needs.

Some techniques of Yoga and meditation was specially given to us in this Open House.

one of the posture of yoga for balance and well-being body

If experiencing trauma, anguish, heartbreak, or life is mediocre, there was no passion / enthusiasm? Also need meditation to release it all. Including if we are easily hurt, angry, upset and difficult to receive love or to love others. U can heal it by meditation. You can treat it with meditation.

Even if it is to be patient, calm, cool in the face of all things, and full of laughter, humor and cheerful. Meditation is also a solution. Yoga exercises can indeed improve, to maintain and preserve the quality of our physical to stay fit. So always stay healthy, look fresh, vibrant and resilient in the face of all things.

So … bottom line in the Open House this time, we share with friends who are willing, interested and need. Come practice and learn to live with us always healthy and vibrant. Was tinged joy and excitement throughout the day. Let’s Do It! 🙂

Feel and taste our program: Neo Self Empowerment (every Tuesday, 7 pm) Neo Kundalini Yoga (every Thursday, 7 pm). Contact Person: Ms.. Mira at 081 805 844 014. Thank you and see you 🙂
(Reporter: Ahmad Syukri, Photographer: Triwidodo, Translator: Novi Pravitasari)