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Wednesday 29 November 2023
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Neo Kundalini Yoga

Neo Ananda's Kundalini Yoga

Neo Ananda’s Kundalini Yoga

You may have read, and heard of Chakras, Kundalini, and Yoga – this program however is unique in many ways. First, and foremost is our rhythmic approach to Yoga.

Anand Krishna explains, “Yoga is not the same as physical workout. The term ‘workout’ often used for yoga is wrong. Yoga does not work you ‘out’. It works you ‘in’ – into your being, your inner self. It takes case of you mind, and your emotions. Once they are taken care of, your body responds. Yoga is the rhythm of life.”

This program in seven sessions is meant to make our lives more rhythmic, and more responsive to all kinds of challenges we face, while at the same time preparing us for the ultimate union with the Existence – the enlightenment!

“Kundalini,” as Anand Krishna believes, “is our destiny, our common inner potential as human beings. It is our humanness, something that makes us humans.

“Chakras are the steps to attain to the full blossoming of our potential.

  1. The First Chakra teaches us to be responsible of our thoughts, words, and actions.
  2. The Second Chakra is a call for becoming creative, and energetic.
  3. The Third Chakra is the step toward true comfort, and inner satisfaction.
  4. The Fourth Chakra introduces us to Love.
  5. The Fifth Chakra cleanses us of all mental and emotional impurities.
  6. The Sixth Chakra represents wisdom, and the Seventh Chakra is the chakra of Enlightenment, the Ultimate Union with the Existence.”

Simply put, Ananda’s Neo Kundalini Yoga is Soul’s Journey to Excellence!