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Wednesday 22 September 2021
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Practice Tolerance – Become Appreciative! Sharing a common destiny as Global Family

Anand Ashram, International Day for Tolerance

Anand Ashram, International Day for Tolerance

Every year, November 16 is observed as International Day for Tolerance since 1996 by UN member states with educational and informative activities directed towards establisments to encourage tolerance, respect, dialogue, solidarity, and cooperation among different cultures, civilization, and peoples.

This year, as an interfaith establishment affiliated with United Nation Department of Information, Anand Ashram Foundation in cooperation with One Earth Integral Education Foundation, Forum of teachers, doctors and psychologists for Motherland (ForADokSI), One Earth School, National Integration Movement (NIM), Islamic Movement for Non-Violence (IMN), Circle of Laughters (KTCS) and Centre for Vedic and Dharmic Studies are organizing educational activities and promoting the importance of tolerance to resolve conflicts and inter-community tensions that are persist across the globe, or even on the rise including currently inter-community tensions between Sunni and Shiite communities in East Java.

The foundation, founded by Interfaith Spiritual Activist – Anand Krishna, is organizing several activities such as interfaith dialogue, interfaith youth empowerment program, educational nutrient workshop, self-empowerment for prisoner, educational campaign of tolerance and appreciation, etc in several cities such as Jakarta, Jogjakarta, Kuta, Singaraja and Ubud Bali, from November 15th to 17th of 2013.

As the establisment which keeps promoting the creation of Global Interfaith Harmony, Anand Ashram Foundation is committed to educate and promote the importance of practicing tolerance to create appreciative attitude in coping with differences and diversity.

“We have to remind ourselves of our commitment to establish positive tolerant attitude to become appreciated to any cultural and social differences, based on mutual understanding and respect, “ said Chairman of Anand Ashram Foundation, Dr. Sayoga.

He added that especially in Indonesia pluralistic society, practicing tolerance was very vital to establish appreciation among communities in Indonesia. When, it works, it will become a recognition of differences and diversity as strengh in our society. That is the background of our theme of International Day for Tolerance 2013 : ‘Practice Tolerance – Become Appreciative! Sharing a common destiny as Global Family.’

The message of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon for International Day of Tolerance 2013 is clear that tolerance can, and must, be learned. We need to teach girls and boys not just how to live together but how to act together as global citizens. We need to nurture tolerance by promoting cultural understanding and respect – from parliaments to the playground. We need to tacle growing inequality and reject social exclusion based on gender, disabilities, sexual orientation, and ethnic or religious background.

So let’s us take this year of 2013 International Day of Tolerance as our chance and momentum to renew our commitment to practicing tolerance and becoming appreciative for sharing our common destiny together as global family.