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Wednesday 29 November 2023
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The Charter for Global Harmony

Charter Global Harmony

Charter Global Harmony

The Charter for Global Harmony This document is co-created by Peace-Loving Peoples of different nations, with different religious, ideological, and political affiliations and aspirations. They come from different professions, having different academic backgrounds.

Such differences, however, have not come in their way in creating this document, and working together for Global Harmony. Not merely a Declaration of the Noble Aspirations of its co-creators and all those who would, in future, be the signatories to this – this Charter actually suggests a Road Map to attain, reach, and realize Global Harmony.

It is recognized that all religions, belief systems, faiths (including atheism), spiritual traditions, and philosophies speak of harmony as the soul of  ll social systems. Any society or social system cannot endure for a long time without upholding this principle.

It is therefore necessary that a roadmap is drawn and agreed upon in order to realize this common goal of all humanity.

The signatories to this charter firmly believe that Global Harmony cannot be enforced. No rules, no regulations,  no laws can ever result in Global Harmony, until and unless there is peace in human hearts, so it is the individual that must first be at peace with him/herself.

Such peace within individuals or “Inner Peace” shall automatically express itself as “Communal Love”, both in micro (among the peoples of one community or nation), and macro (among the peoples of the world community).

Finally, it is this Communal Love that can lead us to the attainment of “Global Harmony”.

Using this charter as a tool, we call upon peoples of all nations to spend at least 20 minutes each day in meditation, using any technique that they are familiar with, or which is in line with their tradition/belief system. For it is only through inward looking and meditation that Inner Peace can ever be achieved.

Parallel to this practice, we also call upon all peoples to physically engage themselves unconditionally in some kind of selfless social service for at least 2 hours each week or 8 hours every month.

Such social service undertaken must not be directed to the members of one community alone. Indeed, it would be much more beneficial, if the service is provided to peoples belonging to different communities, having different social, religious, and political affiliations.

Last, but not least, we appeal to one and all to actively socialize this charter and its content, using print, electronic, social media as well as other forms of broadcast in order to get others involved in this humane cause for the attainment of Global Harmony.

Source: http://www.charterforglobalharmony.org/