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Friday 15 November 2019
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Distinction between Visualizing and Day Dreaming

Solo – Friday evening, April the 20th, 2012 at 7 p.m., Anand Krishna Information Center Solo held the fourth Neo Self Empowerment Meditation, which was a practice on how cultivate our ability in sight culturing.

This particular practice helps us visualize and cultivate and grow what Pak Anand Krishna would call it in his book “Total Success” as our creative vision. Visualization is something that we need to be cultured about. After for a long time we have been trained to employ logic and rationality, we tend to forget how to connect ourselves to the realm of intuition.

In this particular meditation session, the visualization was done by looking at the flame of a burning candle. Then the participants were asked to visualize that flame illuminating all of their body. Then they visualized that illuminating light to be the light of love that spread around them.

In the book of “Total Success” that was discusses prior to the meditation session, it is said that there is a clear distinction between visualizing and day dreaming. Imagination, which is another word for visualization is a part of our mind. It is the projection of our mind which is still unmanifest. Imagination is our ideal that we are making to happen.

By visualizing the light of love, we will be connected to the love itself. First, we can have a glimpse of the beauty of love and how profound it  is. In the end, we will be one with love when we no longer are. Only love is. The true wealth and auspiciousness will kiss our feet when we already find and have love in our life.

Such an experience of finding love in life resulting in the true wealth can really be seen in the life of Napoleon Hill and Andrew Carnegie. With visualization and definitive purpose, we can manifest energy in ourselves into the abundance that we can enjoy. Such abundance may lead us to the gate of purity and goodness by actually sharing the abundance that we have and serving others with it.

Thank you, my dear friends.
I can feel you dancing in this very heart.
Keep dancing, my friends,
Never stop
Until you reach His luminous Abode
Keep dancing, my friends
And never stop
Until you have conveyed all by dancing it.

 (Reporter and Fotografer: Adrian Kristanto, Translator: Rahmad Darmawan)