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Thursday 22 August 2019
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Therapy for Releasing Tension

Semarang – Semarang AKIC’s activity, April 18th 2012, Voice Culturing & Therapy for Releasing Tension. What do we do when we feel something annoying? Some people can say it directly, some people just hide it away, and some people hide it for a while and looking for something to let it go that is not actually related to our anger.

We can’t immediately release our anger anytime, even if it’s released immediately it can be something bad to our self. For example ,if our boss gets angry to us, clearly we can’t do the same thing in return because maybe we could be fired. And because of that, we usually hide the feeling away, or maybe some people just release it to another people, even to their own family.

When we go home after work, the anger from work place can impact into family. A little problem can be responded with to much anger. Maybe, that anger respond is not the result only from one problem but it’s come from so many bunch of emotionally trash we had have that can’t be wasted yet.

In Neo Self Empowerment program defined by Bapak Anand Krishna, there is Voice Culturing exercise. It is catharsis exercise to take out emotionally trash in our selves, and of course, we don’t have to give another people up. The techniques, such to stimulate our hidden emotion and then we release it into a scream or motion.

After doing this exercise,the participants usually feel immediately that their emotional burden has been reduced and also get some relaxation. Long-term effects from this exercise are, the participants won’t be easily in response something that’s make them worried,and their worries will be minimized easily.

Voice Culturing is one of training session from Neo Self Empowerment which is done in Anand Krishna Information Center Semarang every Wednesday at 07.00 pm. For information and registration call Bro Erwin on 081325273180.

(Reporter: Danar Wijayanto, Translator: Novi Pravitasari)